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Why not Climb to find Fulfillment?

The Ladder Climber - Discover YourselfHere’s a ladder which isn’t being used. Why don’t you climb it? Use the journey to discover useful insights about yourself.

You may have heard the term, ‘climbing the ladder’, used rather negatively. It does tend to mean the jostle of company staff fighting their way over others to win senior management positions.

Do you know that story? Have you had a part in it?

I think the phrase has an inspirational quality. To me it implies possibility, now frontiers, and hope. If you dare to climb high on a ladder, you’ll see things others will not.

The ladder analogy

When you climb a ladder, you get a new perspective with every upward step.

Imagine …

If you’re climbing past the outside of a building, you might reach high enough to see in a second-floor window. The perspective you get by looking in that window is very different from the ground-level view.

When you look through that window, you’ll see things not seen before.

Now reflect on the ever-changing views you get by climbing further, perhaps high enough to look over the roof. These new perspectives were only achieved by making a decision to climb, and persisting through challenges such as sore arms and so on.

Your viewpoint will never be the same again. You can’t ‘unsee’ what you have seen. You can climb down. But you know what is up there now.

Willingness to discover yourself will change your life

When you reflect about the environment you want to experience in your life, you’ll think about things and relationships and values that matter to you. If things matter enough to you that you’ll actively advocate for them or support them, your sense of fulfillment will rise in every moment you act.

A ladder is just a tool. But as you mentally climb one, you’re able to see things differently. Gaining altitude has that effect. Even one step higher than the ‘crowd’ will bring a new perspective. And you’ll see beyond the crowd’s blinkered view to other paths and opportunities.

And there’s more. When you ‘climb’ with the aim of finding out new things, you’ll discover that most of these ‘new things’ will be within yourself.

Achieving fulfillment requires awareness of 6 key elements

Taking time to understand these elements will increase your satisfaction with every aspect of life. I’ll be exploring each of these in future posts. For now, here is a ‘broad-brush’ description of these elements:

  • The environment you desire
  • The essence you possess
  • The mission that enlivens you
  • The motivation of your heart
  • The ability to dare 
  • The effectiveness of commitment

Increasing your self-knowledge will enable you to make better decisions that are more aligned to your purpose.

The Ladder Climber will help you discover yourself.

Self-knowledge is the most useful of all knowledge. You can never have enough.

Without a planned approach to choices, we choose randomly. This can lead to achievements in fields we morally oppose, or a drift, for years, while we try to work out what would fulfill us.

Do you know what fulfills you?

Anthony Smits - The Ladder Climber
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  • Beautiful introduction, Anthony.
    The ladder analogy is brilliant! I love the metaphor of climbing the outside of a building and being able to discover so many new things once we’re climbing. Our view will never be the same!

    • Anthony Smits

      Thank you Maren!
      I appreciate you taking the time to come and scribble on my blog. And I’m pleased you like the ladder metaphor.