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For decades ‘the power of thinking positively’ has been lauded as a near-infallible technique for changing your life.

TheLadderClimber.com - Self DisciplineBut taken too far, fantasizing about achievements before they are made doesn’t help.

Don’t set up your camp on the peak before you reach it.

Here are seven traits to emulate:

1. Determine To Win

Here’s how: [continue reading…]

The Ladder Climber

Why is it that some people are able have a significant influence on the lives of others?

And yet, some of their views  are controversial or highly critical of others or their actions, aren’t they? Is this your reaction:

I would never say that!

Maybe you wouldn’t.

Without being crass, how can you get on top of the pile?

Here’s the sauce:  [continue reading…]


The Ladder Climber - Discover YourselfHere’s a ladder which isn’t being used. Why don’t you climb it? Use the journey to discover useful insights about yourself.

You may have heard the term, ‘climbing the ladder’, used rather negatively. It does tend to mean the jostle of company staff fighting their way over others to win senior management positions.

Do you know that story? Have you had a part in it?

I think the phrase has an inspirational quality. To me it implies possibility, now frontiers, and hope. If you dare to climb high on a ladder, you’ll see things others will not.

The ladder analogy

When you climb a ladder, you get a new perspective with every upward step.

Imagine … [continue reading…]