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How to See Things that Others Can’t

The Ladder Climber I’ve recently become aware of visionary John Furey’s work.

He discovered that many of the differences we see between  ourselves and others can be mapped with language.

This discovery enables easier and more effective relationships.

As it turns out, whether you come from ‘Mars’ or ‘Venus’ makes no difference at all!

Satori Box is a simple, powerful card game

Have you had relationship difficulties with anyone because you misunderstood the importance of things?

Here’s what you can do right now: 

See the nine cards in the Colours of Time illustration?  I’ll tell you how to access the cards in a moment.

On the back of each card is a word. Those nine words reveal what’s really going on – if you can put them in order. Most people can, even if it takes a few tries.

You’ll get a real buzz out of this eye-opening one-minute puzzle.

Do it right now. Here’s the app (desktop or mobile):  Go here to see time.

Did you do the one-minute puzzle?

Take a moment to think about the relationship between the three words in each group.  Do you see the pattern that is starting to reveal itself?

This changes everything!

There is never a time when knowing more about yourself is not useful! —John Furey

These ‘revealing’ cards come from Satori Box, an initiative of the non-profit Mindtime Foundation.

When you use the tools in Satori Box, you’ll get a new level of insight into yourself and your world.

You’ll get the ability to fully realise your potential, plus you’ll start to understand—probably for the first time—how you relate and collaborate with others.

Why not help spread this awareness?

Mindtime is crowdfunding right now. Do you know anyone who would benefit from knowing the secret to better relationships?

Check it out here

Let me know what you think.

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